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Happy New Year

2011-01-01 11:40:11 by iMini

I hope you call had a good New Years Eve, I know I certainly did, being this my first New Years Eve being 18 I had a lot more opportunities to go out and get drunk than previously, I went clubbing in Derby with 4 of my friends and we had a totally awesome time, we all wore suits and people thought we were suave as fuck (me and a friend even had some people come up to asking if we were doormen...).
Started some drinking games at around 5, but we gave that up after we'd managed 3 pints each by 6, and so waited until 9 to start drinking again, and then start clubbing at 10.
Some gay guy came onto me, I just thought he was foreign and friendly :/
Left the club at around 4 in the morning, got to my mates flat around 4:30, and then we argued for places to sleep for 2 hours, then had a couple of fag breaks and finally slept from 7:30 to 11:30 and arrived back home, hungover, at around 3.

Here's a picture of me pre-clubbing but post-drinking games.
Sexy as fuck.

Happy New Year

So I got a laptop

2010-10-12 09:50:56 by iMini

It's fuckin' ace.

It's only low-spec, came pre-installed with Vista, but was too slow so I installed XP instead and it's lightning fast.

I have a mid-range PC, which now hardly gets used, simply because I prefer the laptop. It's just so convenient.

Leave torrents going all night, have them all downloaded by morning. Need to quickly google something? I just flick the screen up since I never have to turn it off.

I fucking love it.

Post Break Up

2010-09-22 16:44:02 by iMini

Life feels pretty bad...

It's been two weeks now since me and my girlfriend broke up.
I still have very little appetite, I was never very well built as it was, and I've lost more weight, I weighed 8st and have now lost half a stone. Quite alot really. I get really bad mood swings too, getting quite depressed or very snappy at people.

I've genuinely had to go out and buy some marijuana just so I can start eating again, so I'm gonna get high and play Gaylo Reach Around with some friends on friday. The only times I never think about my break up is when I am with friends, and being that I am on job seekers, I don't get to see my friends too often, because they're either in college, school, university or have a job.

Do you ever see a person, and you immediatly fall in love? That's what I did with her, and was genuinely surprised when I thought to see if I could get a relationship or some kind of affection and did. Breaking up... Is the hardest thing I have ever experienced in my entire life.

Her reasons were fucking stupid, a collection of several small flaws in me. Bitch, oh which I was tempted to counter argue, I'd rather stay on neutral terms then begin to hate her if she were to get pissy and argue.

I mean, it really surprises me, we went to France together and stuff, to meet my dad. That's pretty big. I often question the validity of her reasons, and often think of asking her if those were the actual reasons for breaking up. But I don't want to make things worse between us.

Break ups fucking suck, and I hope none of you ever have to deal with it.

Find someone and hold the fuck on.


Today I was finally feeling good, I thought I was really making progress, really getting over her.

Open Facebook, check my news feed... She is now in a relationship.

Tore me apart...


2010-09-03 06:10:15 by iMini

In just two news post my life has had a sudden reversal.

I'm not going back to college, and I only have one pending job, I cried a little bit.


Fuck you life, my girlfriend broke up with me, I cried ALOT.

A couple days on, this is fucking horrible.
Feel sick all the time, completely no appetite, depression.

You know in the movies, where someone breaks up and then everything reminds them of their former partner?


2010-08-09 11:47:28 by iMini

Sup guys I passed my driving test on my first attempt and got a Citroen Saxo for my first car, I've managed to pay off the first two months insurance on it and now I gotta find a job to keep paying for it. £250 a fucking month :O

I love life.

2010-06-10 14:08:44 by iMini

I love life.

I bought an iPod Touch
I got a new contract phone, The Sony Ericsson Experia x10 mini.
I'm boning a pretty attractive girl.
I get an additional week off of college
I have a shit load of money
I love life.

Screw it.

2010-06-05 11:07:54 by iMini

I just don't give a fuck.

Got me some ink

2010-05-06 16:10:14 by iMini

I decided a couple of days ago on what tattoo to get, I really couldn't think of an idea until someone said "Why don't you get "Mini" on your wrist?" and then proceeded to show me hers.

I thought it was a good idea, so I walked from college into town and booked an appointment (and to be frank, I'd have had it done then and there if I could have) for Thursday at 11, after having to pick out a font. Usually at that time I'd have a lesson, but I thought fuck it and went ahead and got my tattoo.

I'm pretty pleased with it myself, it didn't bleed alot, I got it wrapped incling film and there was a little blood after an hour, but I took it off and it was fine and stopped being sore after about 3 hours. I'm not looking forward to the peeling though...

rate my ink?

Got me some ink


2010-04-28 02:15:29 by iMini

Oh heys guy, so I broke my leg when I was 7, fell off my mums motorbike when she took me out on it for the first time, was in hospital for 6 weeks and had to learn to walk again.

I would have got some £7,000, however it was invested in "low-risk" stock, and when 9/11 happend it crashed, I still managed to obtain £5000~. Got to try to be careful with my money as I need a car.

pic related, it's my bank...



2010-04-20 16:22:54 by iMini

The best fucking movie I have EVER seen!

I mean, there's an 11 year old girl, calling people cunts then proceeding to brutally murder them all.

The way it's presented is odd though, starting off it seems to be making a "realistic world but with heroes", this is where Kick-Ass comes from, he's just some kid who spends alot of time training and becauses a pretty subpar hero, but then everything goes comic world on you, this is when Big Daddy and Hit Girl come in, two elite supers...

Best film ever though... GO WATCH IT