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Okay, first, let me get across, I loved your previous entries in the Jerry series, I know it's rough having your work put down but I saw this as a dissapointment in the jerry series.

This, offered very little in way of adventure, it offered a glimpse at one traumatic part of Jerry's childhood, of which was not actually related to anything that happend in the series.

I was confused throughout the whole movie, Jerrys dad was such a dick and always ironically funny, but I never figured it alright to laugh whenever he was funny, this led to me feeling rather awkward, the whole movie carried a sad tone and Jerrys dad just made it strange.

The two kids meeting at the end was also odd, it was unrelated again to anything that really happend, they met once as children, were friends and then he forgot about her and just happened to have a job in the same place and then he banged her.

I'm sorry, I just feel this episode was strange and a bad way to end the series.

Oh jesus!


It's even funnier knowing what kind of person Stamper is.

Nice attention to the actual series.

I liked this animation alot, I don't usually bother writing a review, I usually just 5 everything... But this was different.

That's probably because I'm a big fan of TF2 and the "meet the class" series.

Your animation was good, the voices were surprisingly well impersonated, I genuinly mean that, I don't mean the sounds taken from the GCF's of the game.
Throw that together with TF2 dark-humour and it makes a great animation (much like that of "meet the pyro").

I loved the fact that you...err... the spy, was disguised as the companion cube and how you included the tradion of adding another short scene after the zoom out of the team.


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I love the hints all the way through, they way they break the fourth wall and such, and the cliche boss battle.

Humour was good as well.

Loved it

Game is odd, seems to go from unsufferably difficult at the begining to "OMFG MY COMPUTER IS LAGGING SO MANY ZOMBIES!" easy as you progress.

I really loved it and must have spent 3 hours on it, and boy, does that time surely fucking fly.


Now, I have a good sense of humour, and yes, this does indeed have some humour to it.

But the fact is, the jokes are all presented in teh same goddamn way, it's almost like you're telling a collection of jokes, but the damn punchline is incredibly similar no matter how different the build up to the punch line is.

The stock level is a goddamn pain in the arse, why did I have to wait some 15 minutes before it decides to let you win?

Once again, the humour gets old and very dry fast. Sure enough I found the best part of this flash the preloader, what the fuck is that? If you're goddamn preloader is better than the flash itself you need to sort yourself out.

Furthermore, this is hardly a game, it's an interactive, you can move left and right, oh and "crawl" and jump... You spend the whole game trying to kill yourself while humour goes on in the background, some jokes seem high-brow and I didn't understand some of them as you have to have specific interests, eg. Zim.

I can see this review as getting flagged because it's harsh, but it's the damn truth, atleast I provide a full review compared to whole three lines complimenting a specific level and automatically giving you a 10 or 9.

The game lacks any showing of some hard work, for example, the same graphics are used, the same level is used in and out, the only thin that deserves compliments is the... well animations?

I disliked this "game" strongly, it's a waste of space in my opinion, it wasn't funny, it was a string of shit unrelated jokes tied together, rather than atleast keeping them related. Maybe I'm missing something, but I've asked a couple of people and they don't seem to get why people think of this game as this good, therefore leading me to believe that people find even the driest of comedy, a piece of gold in the eyes in a flock of goddamn sheep.

I hope you start making some actual games soon.

Nutcasenightmare responds:

You know, the funny thing is that I created levels like the 3D first person shooter and the 3D trolley to prove that I can make complex games, I merely choose not to. So in a way, this game was far more complex as it used SEVERAL game mechanics, ranging from 3d to drawing to particle physics...

So no, it wasn't supposed to have really any much 'game' value beyond the levels with highscores. That was kind of the point of the game, and my apologies that this game did not cater to your specific interests / sense of humour. ( I was just making levels and jokes based off what I love, from my 'high-brow' interests like math and economics, to my 'low-brow' interests like memes or violence. It's nice to know many people sans people like you share at least *some* of my very divergent interests. )


******** Thank you for asking a couple of your peers on this before deciding that, because it is not a conventional game, everyone else are sheep. =D ********

But in all seriousness, I want to add even more game value to this series. Your concerns are of a minority, but a substantial one; plus I actually do want to make 'real' games. I've already considered changing up the format a bit next time.


P.S: Stock market glitch was fixed a long, long time ago. Keep up with the times man.

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