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2010-04-15 07:20:13 by iMini


Great deal, £10 for £15 worth of some quality AK47.

Saving that bastard for college


2010-03-29 13:23:58 by iMini

Mah birthday tommrow!

Party on Thursday, lotsa alcohol, lotsa weed.

A friend offered to give me a pill, but I think I'll try it when Im not already mixing weed and alcohol.

four years.

2010-03-21 13:50:35 by iMini

Well NG, I've been here for some 4 years now.

What the fuck have I been doing with my life?


2010-03-09 15:44:38 by iMini

It's my birthday in just three weeks.

I intend to go to the pub and get smashed off my fucking tits and go to college with a hangover.

Two days after that, college breaks up, I'm having a party, I live in the middle of nowhere, but my parents were nice enough to offer all of my friends a lift here and back (and given there's some 10 coming from a fair distance, that's quite nice). I intend to go to the pub and get smashed off my fucking tits then get baked and laugh the night away.

I told my mother I smoke weed, know what she said?
"That's okay, just don't make it a habit because, you're smoking tobbacco"

Smoking tobbacco... Nothing to do with the fact that it's a class b drug, but that im smoking tabbacco, guuess I'd better just smoke blunts.


2010-02-18 10:36:46 by iMini

Lose your lunch?



2010-01-19 17:21:31 by iMini


Skindred is a welsh reggae-metal band, you fuckers hearing me? REGGAE-FUCKING-METAL!

Their first song of theirs I heard was "The Fear" from their first album "Babalon", the song is alot more reggae than metal but still damn good, quite the stoner song aswell, if you're into that kind of thing (I know I am, more people should try weed).

So I got their Babalon and fell in love with them, and I'm going to go out and purchase their 2 other albums "Shark Bites and Dog Fights" and "Roots Rock Riot".

I highly reccomend you just listen to the song posted, the chorus is epic!

URL to video, because I cant embed.


2009-12-18 08:21:24 by iMini

This was obviously a fair ban...

Hey, Malachy, maybe you don't want to be so serious in the future you raging homosexual?



2009-12-15 02:16:56 by iMini

Hurpy duuurp, durp dup HURP! HURP HURP HURRRRP DURP!!


2009-11-25 12:55:33 by iMini

After having Rammsteins latest album ("Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da", which translates to "Love Is There For Everyone") for a good while now, I feel I can finally give my true views on it.

I love the album, it's pretty damn good, and I like all the songs, I can't name a single one I dislike (well, maybe Frueling in Paris, but apparently everyone else loves it).

The songs I really like are Rammlied, Ich Tu Der Weh, Haifisch, B******** (Buckstubr), Pussy and Mehr.

Has anyone else got a new album they think is awesome?

Life has changed.

2009-10-19 15:33:17 by iMini

Some for better, some for worse.

I started college last month...
as a first year (second year as a first year), I was straight as an arrow last year, good attendance, stayed away from smoking and drugs (I drank on occasion), went to but just one party, pretty good academic wise. I spent most of my spare time on my computer or playing games, days that ended early I went home to play games, I pulled 3 different girls in the whole of last year, socially, it was a little bad...

This year... I'm a little more... rebellious... or such... I've got a bad attendance, where it used ot be 90-95%, I've now dropped to around 65% (I am working on this, honestly), I still do well in the lessons I attend, well, I haven't handed in one assignment due in ICT, or alot of homework... no really, im pretty good. I've started smoking cannabis, I was going to a friends house for a "get together" of sorts, I get there, a friend is passed out on the floor from smoking too much weed, a couple of hours later me and two other guys went outside and I tried weed for the first time, I was shaking as I tried it, headrush after afew drags and I felt great, I had another joint in the morning aswell... Since then I get high 2 or 3 times a week now.

I went to a party recently, I took a tent with me, it was the designated "Stoner tent" we put it up, and got really stoned, and then got drunk... I have another party on Friday (this is pretty much triple the amount of parties I was at last year in just a month or so), I'm taking the stoner tent again, same plan as last time, sounds like fun to me. I've pulled 3 different girls on multiple occasions, one of them even became my "friend-with-benefits", which was pretty cool.

My life has changed, almost a complete reverse from last year, instead of being socially awkward, I've become "pretty damn cool" (my friends all agree, I'm alot cooler now then what I was), but at the same time I'm slipping on my education, I almost gave into the idea of quitting college and just getting an apprenticeship, I have to say the main thing that motivates me for college is my friends, I fucking love them.


I've gone from being socially-awkward and academically good to socially-brilliant and academically under average in some aspects.