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2009-10-07 12:13:28 by iMini




2009-10-02 12:42:36 by iMini

I just bought a penicorn, jealous?

And a dad 'n' me keychain, but who cares compared to a penicorn?

Today in college was interesting.

This pretty hot chick (Chick A) was biting my legs (we were sat on some stairs with me higher up), I just checked them now, bite marks everywhere ('twas painful atfirst with her biting, but I grew to like it :D). So there's this other chick (Chick B) who always tries (and usually succeeds) making out with me, and I dont really like it with her... So I told this chick A to pretend to be my GF if Chick B tried anything. Needless to say, she tried it on with me, so Chick A came over, had a go at her for trying it on with me, then we made out and walked off.

I felt badass.

Dick mods :(

2009-09-27 15:01:53 by iMini

Mods are dicks.

I thought it was pretty good.

: Despite me posting the same topic just days ago.

Dick mods :(


2009-09-20 04:23:40 by iMini

Goddamn that's one sexy post-count.


Stuff. God damn, I am not good with these titles.

2009-09-13 16:33:31 by iMini

So, college started (FFS, stop making posts about uninteresting IRL stuff), Liking my ICT course (complete sausage-fest, also some basement dwellers), too many people taking it, never enough PCs, so I'm saving for a laptop (my friends dad has a Dell XPS, if I help him build a desktop from bare bones, I'll get it cheap from him). I picked up my last paycheck from work, after paying off afew debts here and there (owing parents £50, friends dad £75) I ended up with a little under £100, which will probably go towards the laptop once I start a new job, probably at this pizza place I know where a friend works.

I'm glad to see some of my friends again, most of them I haven't seen since sometime around May, people thought I was dead, people mourned me... finish on tuesdays and wednesdays early, do i'm getting stoned on tuesday I believe, yeah, I'm cool liek that.

oh and... 04353

I pulled at college today...
She was gay...
I'm so good looking, I turn gay girls straight.


College results.

2009-08-28 03:19:59 by iMini

As some of you may know, I had to go to college to get even more GCSEs to go into college to get my A-Levels (Going to college so I can go to college, lol).

I got my results back yesterday and re-enrolled for later this year.

Business Studies - Distinction (2 A's)
ICT - Merit (2 B's)
English - C

I knew I was going to get 2 A's in business studies, at the very least 2 B's, I thought for sure I was going to fail ICT or get a Pass, but lucky me I got Merit, English I was fairly confident on my C, god I hated that class.

Doing BTEC ICT, A-Level Business Studies and A-Level Physchology when September comes.

Everything it unfair

2009-08-04 17:43:52 by iMini

I hate life sometimes, not in that emo way that my profile picture suggests, I hate how it's so unfair, again not emo, the way that the smallest things can sway the way things go, something so irrelevent can make something better or worse.

Let's first take Newgrounds Profiles for example, I know this is all theory, but damned if I dbout I'll change the way I think about it. I've been on Newgrounds for 3 and a half years now and I rarely get people commenting on my new posts, I have near 7,000 posts and I find that my posts can stand out from others. Now, let's take Lagamuffin, he made his Newspost just yesterday, he has 24 comments already, you know what I think causes his popularity? His name, yes, it's imaginitive and appealing to those 13 year old "haha random is sooo funny herp derp" faggots. Yes, I'm jealous.

Let's take games, Halo 3 is the best selling game on the xbox 360 and the #1 most played game on xbox live, the ragdolls and physics are cheap, almost all guns are obsolete compared to the battle rifle, lucky grenade sticks are instakills and the community is just goddamn awful. Now, let's take Team Fortress 2 on xbox 360, the game is hardly played, sure it has a dedicated but small community, I believe the gameplay in that is solid, plenty of variety, decent ragdolls, a nice variety of maps and is generally a great game all round. How is it that The Orange Box is not as played as Halo 3 despite being obviously superior (inb4 fanboy lolololol).

Facebook, Myspace, etc are all also unfair, it's an attention whore thing, the more of a scene kid you are, the more views your profile gets, people can post genuinly important stuff on there and never get noticed because it's full of attention whores (inb4 more obvious replies), you need to be a serious addict on there to get profile views, obviously looking better and stuff helps too, it's just unfair.

life is so fucking unfair.


2009-06-28 13:15:00 by iMini


My computer can run it.

Computer work

2009-06-06 13:40:21 by iMini

So, I recently got a job, and I've started slow, but surely, doing what I've wanted to do for quite some time now...

Upgrading my computer, I first bought 4GB of RAM with 2 x 2GB sticks (1066Mhz, DDR2), a huge update on my 1GB of RAM (2 x 512mb sticks) but my copy of Vista is only 32bit, meaning it only recognises 3.2GB of it... Secondly, I yesterday bought online a Nvidia Geforce 9500GT 1GB Graphics card, a huge upgrade from Nvidia Geforce 7600GT 128mb (2 generations up and 8 x more memory). So far, that's all I've got, next I'm looking for a CPU upgrade, from a 2.3Ghz dual core processor, to something closer to a 2.7Ghz dual core processor, maybe even quad-core (as if I can ever afford it).

Yup my computer is starting to look like a half-decent gaming rig, eventually I can even imagine I'll start adding lights and liquid-cooling.

My job is only usually on weekends, earning me £4.10 per hour on Mon - Sat and £5.00 per hour on Sun, and £6.50 on bank holidays, I work 9 - 5, so this means I earn about £68 every weekend, if you actually did the maths yourself, you'll see it's abit more than that, but I have 30 mins everyday taken off for lunch.


2009-05-11 12:08:24 by iMini

Another news post.

I went to a friends house party recently, I got absolutely fucked over, I spent £15 on 500ml of some 40% vodka, I made out with two girls, the police came at one point, but I was passed out by that time, some friends attempted to get me out of the house, which they did for about 10 minutes until they decided I'd better go back in, as I was unconscious and shivering. Some friends also came into the room I was in and had sex on me... Yes... On my unconscious body.

having spent that £15, I have run out of money to afford my lovefilm subscription, which means no more games for awhile, considering my mum has lost her job, but I do go on EMA, so I earn (potentially) £30 a week, assuming I go to all of my lessons, so it's not all bad, I suppose.

Fallout 3 is perhaps the best game ever made, I have all 3 DLCs, with them getting better after each release (meaning, Broken Steel > The Pitt > Operation Anchorage), and I intend to get all 1350 gamerscore points from it, the achievements aren't hard, but tedious, the most tedious being to get to level 30 with all 3 karma states, I can see myself at level 29 saving and killing everyone while at a good karma in order to get the neutral and bad karma achievements too.