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2009-03-14 07:41:43 by iMini

I figure it about the right time for a new newspost.

It's my birthday soon, on the 30th (March), which is a Monday, I'll be turning 17, my mum has booked me some driving lessons (woot), with the first being on my birthday at 5:15, so I'll have got home college somewhere within 15-25 minutes earlier, doesn't give me alot of time, my friends dad is teaching me, I've wanted him to since I was around 15-16.

My lovefilm subcription is handy, I can have 4 games a month and 2 at a time, which I see as enough to last me, I just sent back Mirrors Edge and PGR 4, and they're sending to me the new Sega Ultimate Collection thing and I'm not sure on the other game, it'll be one of the following; Tom Clancys HAWX, Halo Wars, Street Fighter IV or Resident Evil 5.

I suggest everyone gets on the Newgrounds Gamerscore Leaderboard, I can't be bothered to link, but it's usually on the first page of the Video Games section.

RE5 came out yesterday, my friend thinks he's going to get it depending on whether his EMA came through (EMA is what you get if you attend all your lessons at college in a week, but your only allowed it if your parents/guardians earn <£30,000 a year, the amount you get ranges upto £30 a week) so if he does me and him will be enjoying that for a good part of the day, and if not we'll just hang out.

DigitalChannel is letting me borrow Dead Rising which I am enjoying, and I am lending her Saints Row 2.

Shout out to Lagamuffin and Jawdyn :3

*edit* what?

Thank you Lagamuffin for the birthday thread <3

Loved my driving lesson, was alot of fun, only once did I do a hard turn.


Hey guys

2009-01-26 14:53:56 by iMini

Does this look like me?

Hey guys


2008-12-19 08:36:21 by iMini

Seeing as how it's only 6 days until Christmas, I decided it was time for a good ol' Christmas blog.

I don't want much this year, Left 4 Dead, The Dark Knight, Some new headphones, a new bag, maybe a beanie, I just don't want alot...

Im looking forward to seeing my family again, doesn't seem like a year, time sure goes by fast.

In other news...

Sonny 2 came out today, check it out on Armorgames or here shortly, if you haven't played Sonny 1 I suggest checking it out.


2008-12-12 03:47:07 by iMini


My Newgrounds Smoking Tankmen shirt came today, ordered it sometimes this month so it came alot quicker than I expected (I was expecting something like 2-3 weeks).

Ordered it in medium, it turns out to be abit big for me, next purchase will probably be small.


2008-12-10 13:25:45 by iMini



Ahaha, I'm so awesome.

2008-11-22 16:12:35 by iMini

Putting that last post behind me, the problem seems to be sorting itself out.

God I'm awesome.

I'm doing amazingly well in college, heading at the level of distinction in Business Studies (equivalent to 2 As), I have high hopes for my English retake (getting the results in December, hope to god I get atleast a C) and ICT, well, not amazing well in that, heading for a pass (equivalent to 2 Cs).

My social life is great, I've got a shitload of friends, who are all great.

My love life is great, since I started college some 10 weeks ago, I've made out with 2 girls and kissed 1, that's like matching my entire love life through secondary school, I'm asking some girl out on Monday (24th), made out with her today.

My gaming life is great, I've owned Fable II which was awesome, but basically just Fable 1 with a new story, nothing really improved upon, but still awesome; I've owned Far Cry 2 which was a huge let down, Far Cry was good, but this sucked, but nothing ventured, nothing gained; and finally I've got Gears of War 2, which is basically everything about Gears of War, then improved it, then added extra features, it's fucking epic.

How's your life?


2008-11-19 16:35:51 by iMini


Okay guys, serious business, I had just written a news post here regarding games, but I think this is incredibly more important than games.

My step-dad just came in and told my sister and I that my mum got suspended from work for being drunk, he said it was the second time in 2 months, so she's in alot of trouble with work and it is possible she could get the sack.

I was told to throw away any alcohol I see my mum drinking, wine, beer, cider, anything.

Damn it guys, I'm scared now, nervous, I'm worried for my mum and my family, my mum is only the real family I have, sure we have loads of aunts and uncles, but I see them all what? 1-3 times a year? And my dad, he lives in France now, I get to see him 1-2 times every year.

Fuck guys, my mum had had a problem when I was just a young kid, I remember once, she was in the alcohol section of a store, and I knew she had a problem, and I saw her, looking nervous and then she went to grab a box of strongbow, I just stood there, inbetween her and the alcohol and stated "no mum", she walked away, and I could see tears in her eyes, I assumed it stopped shortly after this.

Damn it guys, it brings tears to my eyes talking about this... I love my mum, so much...


2008-11-13 14:14:59 by iMini

Just figured I'd try and make one of these userpage... things...


Ahh, it's good to be back.

2008-11-10 16:29:44 by iMini

Damn I've been gone a long time, in the space that's gone by I've bought Fable 2, which I then completed twice, and nearly a third, before selling it (it was a great game, don't get me wrong), where I then purchased Far Cry 2, which I think deserves the "dissapointment of the year" award, sure, the graphics were pretty, combat was okay, but it lacked on most everything that Far Cry was about, the stealth, it is now near impossible to sneak upto enemies and kill their base without them almost instantly knowing where you are, after a roughly 60% completion, I went and sold that and bought Gears of War 2, now, here's a game I am so far damn well enjoying, the only problems I have are a few bugs here and there and the huge amount of lag online...

Other than the video game stuff, I moved house, I was expecting a week without internet, then we decided to swap internet, and upgrade to 16mb internet, I was in glee at the time, from 2mb to 16mb is great in my opinion, but damn if it didn't take long enough to get it set up, just got it back today, I'm fuckin' lovin' it!

I also picked up a strange taste in "emo music", abit of Thee Days Grace, My Chemical Romance and Crossfade, even now I'm listening to Three Days Grace - Pain (how much of an emo title is that? Hell, take one of the lyrics for example "I'd rather feel pain then nothing at all").

Okay, let's get rid of this stuff and actually concentrate on what's happening in my life socially...

Well, abit here and there nothing all too amazing...

I made afew new friends in college, found afew /b/tards there, damn they seem to suck upto an emo/goth like me because I used to browse on 4chan, on the last day of the term, my friends proposed we all dress up, I got asked to dress as a girl, and being as spontanious as I am, went along with it, I turned up in boys clothes, but I had girls stuff underneath, bra, skirt, padding, the whole lot, the thing I found funniest about this was whenever I heard someone say "is that a boy or a girl?", due to the fact I have long hair.

What about girls and the likes? Well, I forgot about trying to get this one girl, Jess, who I had kissed before, but we've just sort of drifted apart from eachother, we still hang and that, then there's this other girl Kim, she's really into me, I don't know if you guys have ever had a girl like this, but it's jsut one of those things, third girl, lass named "Laurna", strange name in my view, she also fancies me, the whole "have a feel if you like *wink*" (you know what I mean?) thing gives it away, she's got a boyfriend though, but then again, so does this final lass, Amanda, known eachother about a month or so... I'm in one class with her every week, I got her number the day I really got to know her, within a week, I got this picture off her (look at the bottom), this sent off some bells in my head, and a week or so after that we started making out, not going out or anything, just... Well... Not alot I can say about our relationship at that time, but she's started flirting with this other lad now, kinda makes the jealousy bug bite...

Well anyway, it's great to be back.

Ahh, it's good to be back.


2008-10-07 13:01:43 by iMini

Damn these posts are shitty nowadays...

Anyway, I just thought I'd post this video, as I found it hilarious.