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:3 Wub You

2008-09-30 04:08:23 by iMini

I wub you all.


Well, that was easy.

2008-09-20 02:54:28 by iMini

So, in an earlier post I made, I talked about my college and how I thought my first week was (I messed it up), and in said post, I listed 3 friends; Jess, Rob and Declan (in the previous post I couldn't remember his name, turns out he's a /b/tard).

Well anyway, I'd fancied Jess since a friend of mine introduced me to her, I didn't actually think anything would happen between us, we were friends at first, we only really had eachother, we'd hang out everyday, we'd talk on MSN, occasional texting, you get the the picture?

Well, it's been a couple of weeks now since I met her, and so all of us (me and my friends that is) were just lying in the really hot sun, because it was too warm to do anything else, and well, Jess has this boyfriend, I've met him, not the best of boyfriends... Anyway, I started getting into this conversation half way through, and she tells me how she thinks she will dump him.

Moments later, we're just talking, the usual y'know? And anyway, she just looks at me and says "Mini, kiss me" (Mini is my nickname, due to how I used to be incredibly small, to what I can remember I'd always been smallest in the year until about year 10 (14-15) I'm quite average now), so I just went along with what she told me and kissed her, nothing all too important, could have just been a joke sort of thing...

Anyway, me and my group always walk to the bus stop together, and my bus is always earliest, so we're waiting around, just laughing and that, and my bus comes, so I just tell everyone I need to go, and offer Jess a hug, we both saw it coming, and we seized the opportunity to kiss again, I just smiled a little said bye and walked off.

will soon update with pics of Jess, look through the some of my posts to see my face, posted it no more than 100 posts ago.



2008-09-17 02:13:15 by iMini

I'll just leave this here.



2008-09-15 14:12:05 by iMini

Now, I've been going to college for a little over a week now.

I'm part of the biggest social group in the school, sort of a mix of goths and "townies" most us all being first years.

My main friends so far are: Jess, Rob and these 2 others whos names have escaped me...

God damn this is a shitty post...


2008-09-06 17:53:47 by iMini

Heard it was one hell of a dissapointed, I saw it for sale in a shop on their website for £27, which I figured was worth it, even after all teh critisism, once I got their, I bought Viva Pinata, as I couldn't see Spore anywhere, so I asked the clerk when they were getting any copies, they said they already had it in, I asked how much it was and they said it was £35, fuck paying £35 when I could save that and buy some good games like Gears 2, Fable 2 and Left 4 Dead.


2008-09-02 12:34:37 by iMini

I start going to college on Thursday (4th September).

Just taking some more GCSE's, then im doing another 2 years at A levels.

GCSE Business Studies.
GCSE English (review previous posts)

Then after these 2, I'm gonna do...

A Level Computer Programming
A Level Business Studies
A Level something... I suppose I'll just have to use a little...


Castle Crashers.

2008-08-28 16:29:07 by iMini

Castle Crashers.

Castle Crashers.

GCSE Results.

2008-08-21 05:26:37 by iMini

I just got my GCSE results.

So I'll just list them.

Science - C
Maths - C
English - D
Graphics Design - 2 F's (Couldn't even give a fuck)
Physics - D (Wha?! Retaking)
Performing Arts - 2 C's & 2 B's.

6 A* - C's
4 U - D's

Overall its alright, might retake English and will probably retake Physics.


2008-07-11 15:35:49 by iMini

Huzzah! I got 4,000 posts just now, so I thought I'd just list my "milestones".

1st Post
100th Post
500th Post
1000th Post
1337th Post
2000th Post
3000th Post
4000th Post

Let's hope I'm still here for 5,000.


2008-06-17 16:52:30 by iMini

So MGS 4 was released a couple of days ago, I'm sure many people bought it on release date and I'm sure many more have bought it since.

I would have bought it, but I lack a PS3.

Well, it doesn't really bother me all too much, sure a 360 port would be awesome, but Sony will have pulled out some fatass check with Konami to stop this, but whatever. I've completed Metal Gear Solid (twice) and Metal Gear Solid 3.

Anyway, I went into my local GameStation today, and started browsing through the games, there were so many there, I searched and searched and searched, although doing this made me feel cheap because some of my friends were around the corner checking out Lego Indiana Jones (these were girl friends)...

So anyway, I was just searching through the games and eventually stumbled upon Metal Gear Solid 2. Huzzah! I thought to myself, so I walked out of GameStation, went to a cashpoint (ATM for your Americans (It's out language, you fucking ruined it)) checked my balance, then withdrew £10.

I wasn't really intending on buying it at first, so I browsed some other shops, and eventually returned to GameStation, where I once again looked at MGS 2 ( I also considered getting MGS 3, as I've lost my MGS 3 disc :(, but I still have the Tin case ) , I picked it up, and pondered for 5 minutes wondering "will I actually play this?" eventually I just thought "what the hell, it's only £13", so I bought it, and still have as of yet to play it... I bought it roughly 7 hours ago...

Also, I decided, since it was nearly time that my old school would be ending, I'd go there and check out how everyone was, and... Everyone missed me loads apparently, which I was surprised at, everyone asking me for hugs, etc, etc...