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10 years

2016-05-01 16:22:25 by iMini

I completey missed it, but here's to 10 years on Newgrounds!


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2016-05-01 17:12:13

It seems it's been 4 years since your last post on newgrounds, B

iMini responds:

I know, I couldn't be bothered to maintain it. I've still been semi-active on the forums though!


2016-05-01 17:12:39

But happy 10 years NG birthday! (forgot to add that in the last comment :P)


2016-05-01 17:24:18

Neat. Longer than me.


2016-05-01 17:32:48

Hey, you still have that smoking Steve t-shirt you bought from the store?

iMini responds:

Yes, I do! It's really only something I wear now if I've ran out of other clothes, but I still have it and it still fits.

I also have a Penicorn plush on my desk, watching me always.


2016-05-02 15:04:38

Hope you can get out to Pico Day one of these days, if you think you can make it, ask Tom for an invite (email or PM)... after 10 years, he'd be glad to meet you!


2016-09-01 15:44:01


also your avatar is that the dude?