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I honestly can't get over how much I hate the Subject field...

2012-04-01 11:56:04 by iMini

Seriously, every time I ever go to write something up on this, it just depresses me because I lack the ability to write long and structured paragraphs about my life, or any recent events.

I went to a heavy metal music festival recently, I smoked a lot of weed, drank a lot of booze, moshed in the pits and sang along to the songs. I honestly don't know how much more about it I could tell you. Each group of people gets a chalet, each chalet has 2 bedrooms and a coach, allowing for up to 5 people per chalet. Last year when we went, we left our room in one hell of a state, I fondly remember destroying glow sticks and painting the walls, cupboards and damn near every surface in a rainbow of flourescent, toxic paint. It was a full proof idea, even when we left the room in such a state, they'd never know about the paint. Because it's glow in the dark, and the cleaning people will never clean in the dark.


Skindred went. So did Dream Evil. Umm... Chaimara... Anthrax. I don't really go for any bands in particular (Except Skindred, I fucking love that band).

I'd love to go to Download Festival this year, the line up is fucking fantastic, and with it's only major competitor cancelled this year, I can see tickets selling our fast, so I should really hurry up and buy a ticket. I have a job interview at a McDonalds which is opening soon not far from where I live (10 minute walk), and I'm really quite confident I'll get a job there.

Check out Five Finger Death Punch people, amazing heavy metal band, you should check the video, the song is bad ass, and I love how much emphasis the video gives on their satire, and general tongue-in-cheek vibe.

I'm getting me a new phone next month, the Xperia Arc S, it's like a year old now, but I can get it with a 32" TV for £25 a month, which I think is a fantastic for a fairly good phone and a new TV. My old phone is a goddamn nightmare to use, it has a ridiculous screen of about 2.3", makes it difficult to do anything on it (being it's a touch-screen).

I thought I'd broken my laptop for a solid month or so, before I decided to plug it back in and see how it's doing, and to my surprise, booted. This is really helpful, because I usually download movies and TV series to keep my entertained (I don't pay for a TV license) on to my phone, which only has 8GB of storage, meaning that after my apps/music/data files/etc I only have about 3GB left for TV stuff, which usually meant having a film and then like 3 episodes of a TV show before I have to download some more when I watch them (and having to delete previous episodes). Whereas now, I can just keep everything I download.


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2012-04-23 18:18:44

I thought you were warshark, but I just realized he's still on the forums. What was your old username again?

iMini responds:

H-A-X-O-R-Z. I was so cool.


2012-04-25 14:56:48

Jackho, you're a total BBS noob!

Mini, don't the TV licencing people bombard you with threatening letters? I know that when I lived in student accommodation and didn't have a TV license they sent me angry letters once a month or something, essentially demanding that I pay the TV license or prepare to be investigated.

They were all bark and no bite. Not like I even had a TV so I didn't need a TV license.

iMini responds:

They did, then I had an investigation, and then another investigation, and now they leave me alone, satisfied that I don't actually watch TV. It's brilliant, I just download all my TV series, watch them without any ads, and don't have to wait until the next episode is aired (assuming I'm not yet caught up on a series)


2012-04-26 18:02:59

Oh right. I remember you now.