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The cutest kitten I ever knew died.

2012-01-29 13:56:52 by iMini

My mum and step dad own a few cats, they tend not to neuter them, so usually there's kittens about or at least a pregnant cat. Shortly before I moved out into my own place one of said cats had a new litter, with some adorable new kittens, 2 tortoise shell, a ginger and a white-on-tortoise shell. I took a tortoise shell with me, but she escaped out of my kitchen window after owning her for a few weeks.

Since I moved out my mum left my step dad for some 4-5 months, and my mum recently decided to have another go with him. This was some 2 weeks ago, and yesterday I was invited for Sunday Lunch. I get there and am greeted by the 2 remaining kittens, the ginger is timid and runs away while the white-tortoise shell instantly comes up to me to get fussed.

I fussed the hell out of that gorgeous girl, she was playful, active, she was with out a doubt the cutest and best kitten I have ever known. I played with her for just a couple of hours but I fell in fucking love, if I knew how amazing she'd be, I'd have taken her when I moved out without a seconds hesitation. Anyway, I have Sunday Lunch, go to the pub with my parents, sister and her boyfriend, and head back to my parents.

It gets to 6 O'Clock and we decide that's it's time I leave, so my step-dad offers to drive me back, we get in the car, pull out of the drive, and there she is, dead. I've seen a lot of cats die on that particular road, I've lost count of the cats I've lost there, but I always accepted it, was a little upset sure but I swiftly moved on. But this little angel, I was heart-broken, my eyes welled up, and a couple of tears formed, but I rubbed them off. I was upset, my step dad was upset, my mum rung me, she was upset.

He dropped me off at my flat, and once inside I cried, I've never cried because I've lost a cat before, but she was special. I called out for my cat, and little ginger tyke comes out, I him up, and I tell that cat that I love it. I love it so much.

Here's to the best kitten ever, rest in piece.

The cutest kitten I ever knew died.


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2012-01-29 16:50:00

You have my condolences. Something about cats just touches everyone. Rest in peace, fellow feline.


2012-01-29 17:07:08

yay an evil cat spy is dead


2012-02-04 19:32:40

Oh, sorry, I ate her on my toast a little while ago.


2012-02-06 05:39:00

Poor kitteh :(

I've lost a pet that was close to me, but I was younger when it happened. My parents bought a dog soon after I was born, so you could say we grew up together. One morning when I was about 9 years old I went downstairs to go and see her, as usual, only to be told that she was gone and wouldn't be coming back.

That was a truly horrific day and it fills me with dread because I know that one day the same thing is going to happen to Kia :(