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I hate making titles

2011-09-10 15:12:11 by iMini

So life is looking up again, I suppose I'd consider myself a bit of a an optimist to be honest (and a pessimist to anything that happens that doesn't concern me, makes me feel better about myself...). I have an interview at Gamestation in 2 days time, I'm really hoping for this job, it would just be so awesome.

I am moving out into my own flat because goddamn I can't stand living my step father, he's quite the arsehole. I imagine I'll have friends around often and good times will be had by all, on the assumption that where I'll be living isn't an absolutely terrible place to live. I had sex with a solid 9/10 it was awesome, she has a boyfriend and I believe she felt slightly guilty, but bullshit if I care, as long as he doesn't find out, I don't care.

I got paid my last months wages from work, and received more than I was expecting and so bought a ticket to a music festival, and just recently announced that my favourite band EVER is headlining. Skindred man (please, please, please listen to the video I embed below, they're just amazing), they won a couple of awards recently for best live band, and having seen them twice I can vouch for it, Benji Webbe is the best front man I have ever seen, he's so confident and just knows how to keep the crowd in such a good mood, usually either by talking about bands he likes, which the crowd often likes, or taking the piss out of himself because he's black (once had us chanting to him "FUCK YOU NEGRO!") and he just seems like such a nice guy.



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2011-09-10 15:50:45

Its not YOUR video.

iMini responds:

blah changed.



2011-09-10 16:29:01

lol XDDDD i enjoyed this very much ^-^


2011-09-10 19:37:26

Glad to hear things are looking up. Getting to work in GameStation would be pretty cool and the experience of having your own flat must also be pretty exciting.

As for that Skindred song, I preferred the one you posted on Facebook a few hours ago. Mr Boombastic. They're a band I've listened to now and again, but I think if I remember I'll give them a proper listen tomorrow.

iMini responds:

Mr Boombastic obviously isn;t their song, but it's a tune and half.

It's hard for me to recommend their songs because all of the stuff that was really good when I started listening to, doesn't seem as good as the songs I listen to now of theirs.

You get what I'm saying?


2011-09-11 10:18:02

I get what you're saying, only for me the process is usually in reverse. I love a lot of the albums that the bands I like released in the 80's, but those who are still on the scene now seem to be gradually conforming to modern tastes and it puts me off a little. So many of the old great punk bands that still release material now sound more like metal bands.

Any particular Skindred album you'd recommend? I'm about to listen through Babylon, just because it's the most popular according to

iMini responds:

Roots Rock Riot is my favourite. Almost no bad tracks