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2011-04-18 09:39:14 by iMini

I really really thought I was over my ex.
Today someone posted a status, and I just checked out his profile, "Is in a relationship with my ex"
Hot all over my body, start to sweat. Fuck, that's teh second goddamn time.

Removed her, removed him.
And then I remember when I met him, and how she described him to me as being "so like you", fuck her, fuck him.

First love is a motherfucking bitch, she's 17 and had sex with like 9 people now.
Fuck love, Fuck it hard. SO hard.

I don't even know if the relationship was worth it, it was nice, very nice, but that breakup tore me to fucking pieces. I got depressed, I lost a fair amount of weight, I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep.

Was it worth losing my virginity for that?


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2011-04-18 14:15:31

This is why my true love is an inanimate object. A can of Guinness.

Also, here's a song written especially for this kind of occasion: Q0nIg

Give it a listen, all the way through.


2011-04-20 11:40:51

At least you got some pussy.


2011-04-29 23:51:53

Take all the things/items that resemble or were exchanged during this relation ship, now bundle it up with some type of blanket. Fuck the shit out of it then burn it.


2011-05-23 15:23:34

Hm. I loved this one girl with my entire heart. We weren't even going out, but everyone thought we were both meant to be. I asked her out, but she wanted for us to stay as friends. All because she had a break-up with someone else...she doesn't want to same thing to happen between us. I have a scar on my heart, but shit happens.

Posted this to make you feel better bro. It will all eventually pass over.


2011-06-18 09:36:28

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