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2011-01-30 14:15:35 by iMini

So I see a lot of talk now among my friends about music festvals, who they want to see this year, etcetera.
I was thinking a lot about this myself, and decided I wanted to go to Download Festival, I quite liked the line up, a lot of bands I really like are going.

Today a friend calls me, "Hey dude, I won tickets to Hammerfest Festival, wanna come? All you gotta do is pay for accommodation, I won't charge you anything?" so i do some research, See the line up and dates, looks pretty good, so I figure why the he'll not? Pay just £80 for a festival when I could be paying upwards of £150.

Anyone else going to a festival?


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2011-01-30 14:45:42

I might go to Sonisphere just for Mastodon, but like £300 just for 1-2 good bands seems a bit gay.

iMini responds:

I went to Sonisphere last year, t was really good, I discovered quite a few bands i now quite like.
Go with friends, it's begter


2011-02-01 16:43:34

We had this thing called K-Rockathon, which was pretty okay. The bands were decent. I was just there for the crowd surfing and Flyleaf, but I'm more of a single showing kind of gal. I saw a couple Muse concerts over the summer and I preferred that to a bunch of bands.


2011-03-19 15:21:37

Hey you're that dude who'd post porn! Man I miss it.

iMini responds:

Oh wow that was a long time ago ;D